Eat with EASE!

Its time to release the heaviness, pressure, guilt & shame around food!

Eating gets to be fun & EFFORTLESS!

You are ALLOWED to eat the foods you LOVE while losing weight! 😲

This is not your typical nutrition course. Yes we will cover food basics but we will also go deeeep. We will integrate & embody a new awareness of food so you can..

  • * KNOW what your body needs to thrive AND lose weight
  • * DIVORCE the diet industry forever!
  • * Gain confidence around food
  • * GET OFF the cravings & emotional eating roller coaster
  • * Ditch the confusion & frustration!

ONLY $97!

Sign me up Jane!

Nutrition knowledge is a necessity if you want to master your relationship with eating, food, your health & body!

This knowledge changed my ENTIRE life, body & how I approach food.

This knowledge continues to give me the body of my dreams in my 50's!

Does this sound like you...?

Signs you need to do this course! your text in this area

  • * You feel guilt or shame after eating certain foods
  • * You restrict entire food groups
  • * Severely restrict food in general
  • * Binge after said restriction period
  • * Overeat to bury your emotions
  • * Start & stop a diet every few weeks
  • * Exercise to punish your body for what you have eaten.

What you get!

  • ▶ 8 modules, 21 lessons, each including video & audio training with homeplay (not homework!)to implement.
  • ▶ Bonus PDF handouts with all the detail so you dont need to take notes from the video!
  • ▶ 2 bonus modules including my daily recommended nutrition & healthy snack list
  • Email support from me for 4 weeks from enrollment date
  • ▶ Life time access to the content!

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