Healthy BEFORE Skinny!

To achieve your DREAM body!

How I fell in love with NOURISHING my body!

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Healthy BEFORE Skinny!

To achieve your DREAM body!

How I fell in love with NOURISHING my body!

Scroll down 👇 for more info!

STOP the diet merry go round! Diets DONT work!

The diet industry is a multi BILLION dollar industry for a reason. It is marketed & designed around returning customers.. is that you? With our lack of education on health & effective, sustainable weight loss we are easy prey. Add in the influence of the manufactured food industry & beauty industry and we are no chance!

Lets change that for you right now!!  

There is so much conflicting information out there around nutrition which is largely due to the clever marketing campaigns of the processed food & diet industries. Coupled with no educaton at school and the daily exposure we women endure of the medias version of what a woman "should" look like we are hamsters in a wheel chasing a body without the education of HOW.

Its no wonder we feel confused, frustrated, overweight, tired, unhealthy, anxious, not good enough and are constantly looking in the mirror and criticising what we see...

Sadly this is by design! Food becomes a constant daily challenge. We need it to live but it is the enemy? We believe that restriction is the only way to lose weight. That dieting is bloody hard work that involves starvation & bland food and we fall into an endless binge/starve cycle. Which is seriously dangerous for our mental & physical health!

Maybe you also have digestive issues, nagging aches & pains, fatigue..? Shame is beginning to creep in as you try and hide your increasing weight and/or binging late at night. Guilt is a constant state of mind around food and your mood is determined by the number on the sacles. Why is this so hard??!! 

Maybe you have even gone to the doctor? Who prescribes medication to band aid some of your symptoms, diagnoses the generic label of IBS, advises that you do need to lose weight & get healthy but gives no concrete advice of HOW. (because he is NOT trained in nutrition!) You know your health is not where it should be, are aware that something has to change but just cant face another restrictive diet plan!

I SO get it! That was me! For 25 years...

...I had borderline anorexia through my 20s..

That turned into the binge/starve eating disorder in my 30s & 40s.. along with alcohol & drug abuse. I was underweight, malnourished, constantly tired, unhealthy, gaunt, sickly. Along with clincial depression & anxiety!

I had ZERO care factor for my health, I just DESPERATELY wanted to be SKINNY!  


Imagine Instead!

  • Feeling EMPOWERED around food! Knowledge is POWER! With education comes the ability to make informed better choices for both you and your family.
  • Feeling healthy, energetic & comfy in your skin! Being in control of your health. Feeling appreciative & grateful for your body.  
  • Adopting the approach of NOURISH over punish, NURTURE over neglect, HEALTH over skinny and LOVE over hate. This is your natural state! 
  • Gradually adding in the good stuff, no restrictive nutritional plans, no ban on favourite foods, slowly replacing the bad with the good at a comfortable pace and with a deep understanding of what your body actually NEEDS to thrive.
  • Feeling inspired & motivated to improve your health which in turn will improve your physique!
  • Making HEALTH your highest value in life to ensure self-sabotage is eliminated!

What if I told you it is EASY to obtain your DREAM body?

How do I know? Because I spent 25 years HATING on my body. As soon as I educated myself & started LOVING my body.. VOILA! 

What if I told you it is EASY to obtain your DREAM body?

How do I know? Because I spent 25 years HATING on my body. As soon as I educated myself & started LOVING my body.. VOILA!

Why aren’t we taught this stuff in school??!!

In this 8 week home study programme I will share with you how I feel in love with NOURISHING my body, how I attained & KEPT the body of my dreams so you can too!

Here is what is included!

8 Modules

Each including video/written lecture with action steps to implement. Further watching. Plus 3 bonus modules.

Weekly Email

A motivational email from me every week when each module opens with extra information & tips!

Action Steps

This is not just a study course. This is an ACTION course!

Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Protein  

✅Learn why it is CRITICATL to not only your health but your weight loss goals.  

Module 2 - Fats

✅Fats dont make you fat! Its just a matter of knowing the good from the bad. 

Module 3 – Carbs  

✅Why are carbs so scary??!! Learn how the right carbs SUPPORT your health & weight loss goals. 

Module 4 - Water  

✅Understand how powerful this precious commoditity is to your health & weight.  

Module 5 – Sleep

✅Learn why cutting back on sleep is SO determental to your health & weight.  

Module 6 – Learn to Cook  

✅Understand why preparing your own food is SO important for health & weight loss.

Module 7 – Move your Butt  

✅No getting around you need to MOVE for good health! NO bodybuilding required!

Module 8 – Body Love  

✅Learn why this is at the very core of your health & weight loss success! 

Bonus Modules⭐  

Bonus Module - Toxic Load

✅The horrifying truth of the pollutants all around us & their impact on your health & weight.  

Bonus Module – Vitality

✅Understand the important role Mother Nature plays to your health & weight loss goals.

Bonus Module – Cheat Sheets

✅Healthy Snack List, Dealing with Sugar Addiction, Cause of Cravings, Healthy Take Away Guide & more!

Are you ready to NOURISH your body? 

$297.00 AUD

Or 2 payments of $165.00 AUD

Valued at: your health is priceless!

Hello Gorgeous!

My name is Jane Curnow and I am a mindset & lifestyle coach, mentor, author & fitness model and I am on a mission to support, motivate & inspire as many women as possible!  

Having been slim, blonde & attractive all my life you would be forgiven for thinking I had it all. Isnt that what every woman dreams of? But behind the scenes I was punishing & starving myself, hating on my body, binging on food & alcohol, struggling to hold it together and DESPERATELY trying to hang on to skinny. I was deeply ashamed of my self destruction. I never felt good enough, like I had failed at life. I felt dumb, hopeless, a fraud!

I stumbled across the answers to my misery purely by accident. Pursuing further vanity and fueling my dependence on my body & appearance to source my self-worth I decided to become a fitness model at the age of 45.

Although the mindset techniques I used to get up on stage was the internal shift I needed to recover from my emotional issues it was studying nutrition that ultimately allowed me to fall in love with nourishing my body. I initially followed my bodybuilding nutrition plan becuase I was DESPERATE for the body. Once I understood WHY, gained the knowledge I never had on food & nutrition and became OBSESSED with healthy, I easily maintained my DREAM body!

I am SOOOO excited to share my food philosphy with you so you can adopt into your life & apprecite the POWER of premium health so you can own a Ferrari too!

WHO is this course for?

This course IS for you if you:

This course is NOT for you if you:

💚 Know there is a better way to approach food but don’t know how or are struggling with the motivation to do it 💚 Want to learn how to improve your health, nourish your body & be successful at sustainable weight loss 💚 Have tried diet after diet after diet but they never work 💚 Want to be a role model to those around you & make better food choices for your family. 💚 Are ready to invest the time and effort into improving your health 💚 Are ready to be uncomfortable, take action & try a new approach to your body

❌ Are looking for a quick fix where no effort is required on your part ❌ Are not ready to be uncomfortable and step outside your comfort zone ❌ Are resistant to and find excuses about altering your food & exercise habits ❌ Are not prepared to embrace change & take responsibility for where your health & body are at prefering to blame age, hormones, stress ❌ Are not prepared to make the time and prefer to stay stuck

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Healthy BEFORE Skinny, My Mindset Toolbox & The Empowerment Academy? Healthy BEFORE Skinny is the physical side of my journey only. My recovery was a two pronged approach achieving premium health in body and mind. This is ONLY the physical side. There are no modules or teachings on the mindset techniques nor is there any support from me or a Facebook group. This is a home, self-study course. 

Who is Healthy BEFORE Skinny for? If you have been a yo yo dieter, know your health could be better, confused with what is healthy and whats not, looking to lose weight, struggling with aches & pains, improve the health of your family, banish bad habits, want to improve your health & achieve sustainable weight loss and havent to date it is purely due to lack of knowledge. This course will absolutely raise your awarness so you can improve your health and relationship with your body.

How much time do I need per week to do the work? The modules will take no more than 30 mins to work through sometimes less. However the homework may take up to 30 mins to set up and then time needs to be allocated each day/week to implement the new habit. Each module has action steps that are building blocks to create a new routine & approach to food & exercise. 

How exactly does Healthy BEFORE Skinny work? One module is released to you each week over the 8 weeks. You will receive an email from me when each module opens with your login deatils to the teaching platform. Each module contains a video/written lecture, further watching lessons to reinforce the new information & 5-7 action steps. The action steps are designed to introduce the new habit in a few different ways to fit in with your lifestyle. You are creating YOUR new approach to your health & body. I am giving you the tools and it is up to you to integrate into your life to facilitate change.

Will the work feel uncomfortable? Yes. There is no getting around that in order to grow & overcome bad habits of 10,20,30 years you will need to step outside your comfort zone, be open to a new approach and be prepared to make permanent changes. 

Do I have to lift weights & be a bodybuilder like you? NO! My mission is to support ALL women. Weightlifting is MY passion and exercise. And although if you want a physique like mine you absolutely need to lift heavy weights, lets start at the beginning for you. My success in the gym all comes down to my lifestyle outside the gym so lets set the platform for you to find the exercise you are passionate about to ensure your own success.

Are you ready to stop the diet struggle & experience PREMIUM health?

Don’t let another year go by where you are STILL struggling with your weight, health and feeling tired, confused, unhealthy, ashamed, not good enough!

ONE life! ONE body! I would LOVE to show you how!💖😘

Don’t let another year go by where you are STILL struggling with your weight, health and feeling tired, confused, unhealthy, ashamed, not good enough!

ONE life! ONE body! I would LOVE to show you how!💖😘