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My Mindset Toolbox!

All the mindset techniques I used to recover from clinical depression and to create & MAINTAIN my dream body & life!

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My Mindset Toolbox!

All the mindset techniques I used to recover from clinical depression and to create & MAINTAIN my dream body & life!

Scroll down πŸ‘‡ for more info!

DITCH the overwhelm, anxiety & exhaustion gorgeous woman!

This is NOT the environment that creates your dream body!

Have you ever found yourself at the end of your tether? Overextended, exhausted or feeling like you are just about to snap?

It shows up in your eyes as they fill with tears when yet another thing gets added to your to do list. It appears in the constant disagreements you have with those you care about.

You can feel the tension inside your head, the anxious feeling that floods your body & that drowning sensation that sees you struggle to breathe. Racing against time seems to be your constant state of being.

You have a great life, achieved what you thought β€œshould” bring happiness, but you struggle to cope & too often feel empty inside & like a hamster in a wheel.

I will manage WHEN seems to be a re-occurring thought. When I work less, earn more, lose weight, get a bigger house, get a better job, find the man, the kids behave! Peace & happiness always seems to be another life achievement away.

You feel confused, overwhelmed, tired, stressed, anxious, not good enough and are constantly worried about what others think...

You feel pulled in so many directions, trying to be everything to everyone. You desperately try to make everything PERFECT. But always feel like you fall short.

The vices you use to cope are beginning to concern you. Shame is beginning to creep in as you try and hide how much you actually depend on a few drinks or food or pills or all three like me!

Maybe you have even gone to the doctors or started therapy? Neither of which are helping. You are aware that something has to change, that there is a better way to live, but unsure where else to turn for help.

I SO get it! That was me! For 25 years...

...and my vices actually turned into addictions. I had no clue how to stop the downward spiral. I thought I was doing all I could with the support of the medical profession. But I was getting worse.

Meanwhile, my 20s, 30s & 40s passed me by...  

This is drunken, suicidal, depressed, anxious, pill popping old me!  


Imagine Instead!

  • Living life with passion & purpose! Finding meaning & fullfillment. Reconnecting with that lost mojo!
  • Feeling worthy, loved and FREE to be yourself! Being empowered, confident and in control of your emotions. Feeling comfortable with setting & enforcing boundaries and not caring what others think! 
  • Jumping out of bed every morning with excitement for the day ahead and really LOVING your life! 
  • Chasing your dreams, knowing that you can achieve ANYTHING and that you are adding immense value to the lives of everyone around you. 
  • Being confident that your toolbox of mindset techniques will support you no matter what life throws at you! You WILL handle it and you know exactly HOW to!
  • Feeling inspired, motivated, joyful, HAPPY! 
  • ROCKIN your favorite outfit and admiring your slim figure in the mirror!

What if I told you this EMPOWERED woman is inside you NOW?

How do I know? Because I spent 25 years trying to be someone else. Only to discover that the real me I was trying to bury IS the beautiul woman that set me FREE! 


What if I told you this EMPOWERED woman is inside you NOW?

How do I know? Because I spent 25 years trying to be someone else. Only to discover that the real me I was trying to bury IS the beautiul woman that set me FREE! 

Why aren’t we taught this stuff in school??!!

In this 8 week home study programme I will share with you how to reprogram your mind to maximise your potential, recode beliefs & conditioning that no longer serve you & find that gorgeous woman who is already inside you! 

Here is what is included!

8 Modules

Each including video/written training with EASY action steps to implement. Further reading/watching. Plus 2 bonus modules.

Weekly Email

A motivational email from me every week when each module opens with extra information & tips!

Action Steps

This is not just a study course. This is an ACTION course!

Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Ignite your Magical Mind  

βœ…Ditch the mainstream gossip and drama cluttering your inner world to harness the magic & power of your mind to create your luscious lit up life.    

Module 2 - Life is NOW!

βœ…Understand the POWER of the present moment & easily harness it to desolve the stress to find your path to inner peace.

Module 3 – Monkey Mind Management  

βœ…That shaming voice inside your head is NOT you! Learn how to rise above & find calm within your mind.  

Module 4 - Creative Visualisations  

βœ…Shift out of patterns of anxiety and worry to reprogram your creative power, cast a clear vision of your empowered future with your very own divine roadmap.

Module 5 – Pen Power

βœ…Dump the mind drama and activate your desires through the power of your written word as you declare what you want and manifest your dreams.

Module 6 – The Magic of Gratitude  

βœ… Turn the mundane into the miraculous β€” no matter how anxious, depressed, or stressed you feel.

Module 7 – Taming Negative Nancy  

βœ…Rewire your thoughts, ditch the bitchy commentary & make friends with Nancy to transport you into your goddess femme power!  

Module 8 – Forgiveness is your SUPERPOWER

βœ…Who from your past still hurts you? And what you can do to release the hurt & resentment to flourish no matter what you have endured!

⭐Bonus Modules⭐  

Bonus Module - Toxic Influences  

βœ…Who is influencing you to success or failure? Find out who and exactly what you can do about it.  

Bonus Module – For the Spiritually Inclined 

βœ…Alternative Therapies for healing to soothe your soul & raise your vibration like never before!  

Are you ready to SHINE like a diamond? 

$197.00 AUD

Valued at over $5,000!

Hello Gorgeous!

My name is Jane Curnow and I am a personal trainer and health & nutrition coach. I am also an author & fitness model at 55 years young. My mission for this lifetime is to support, motivate & inspire as many women as possible!    

Having had a successful 30 year career in the corporate world you would be forgiven for thinking I had it all. The six figure salary, lovely home, nice car, gorgeous clothes & shoes, overseas holidays, I even had the ex-footballer handsome husband and was on my way to happy every after? But behind the scenes I was struggling to keep it together. I had impostor syndrome and desperately tried to hide my secret self-destruction that I was deeply ashamed of. I never felt good enough, like I had failed at life. I felt dumb, hopeless, a fraud!

I stumbled across the answers to my misery purely by accident. Pursuing further vanity and fueling my dependence on my body & appearance to source my self-worth I decided to become a fitness model at the age of 45.

Through my intense journey to stage, I started using mindset techniques to try and find the confidence I clearly didnt have to compete. I was TERRIFIED of getting up on stage! Little did I know that my new daily mindset habits were going to serve me well past my competition. I was altering a lifetime of conditioning and beliefs that would end up curing me of my lifelong misery!

And instead of gaining 10kgs post competition like most competitors, I found the secret sauce to MAINTAINING my physique!

I am SOOOO excited to share all these mindset techniques with you so you can easily adopt into your life & make your dreams come true too!

WHO is this course for?

This course IS for you if you:

This course is NOT for you if you:

πŸ’š Know there is a better way to think and feel about yourself but don’t know how or are struggling with the motivation to do it

πŸ’š Want to learn how you to deal with your emotions and stress without involving your secret vices

πŸ’š Have tried resolving your issues with traditional therapy that just isnt working

πŸ’š Want to be a role model to those around you

πŸ’š Are ready to invest the time and effort into improving your health & life

πŸ’š Are ready to be uncomfortable, take action & try new ways of healing

❌ Are looking for a quick fix where no effort is required on your part ❌ Are not ready to be uncomfortable and step outside your comfort zone ❌ Are resistant to and find excuses about trying different ways to heal & change the course of your life ❌ Are not prepared to embrace change & take responsibility for where you are and prefer to blame others ❌ Are not prepared to make the time and prefer to stay stuck

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between My Mindset Toolbox & The Empowerment Academy? My Mindset Toolbox is the mindset side of my journey only. My recovery was a two pronged approach achieving premium health in body and mind. This is ONLY the mindset side. There are no modules or teachings on physical health, nutrition or exercise. There is also no support from me and no Facebook group. This is a home, self-study course. 

Who is My Mindbox Toolbox for? If you are looking to lose weight, transform your relationshps, become a role model to your children, banish bad habits holding you back, find inner peace, manage your emotions, time & stress levels better, if you want to achieve anything in life and havent to date it is due to programming of the mind that needs updating. This course will absolutely shift your mindset & raise your awarness so you can live your DREAM life!

How much time do I need per week to do the work? The modules will take no more than 30 mins to work through sometimes less. However the homework may take up to 30 mins to set up and then time needs to be allocated each day to implement the new habit. Each module has action steps that are building blocks to create new habits and routines. 

How exactly does My Mindbox Toolbox work? One module is released to you each week over the 8 weeks. You will receive an email from me when each module opens with your login deatils to the teaching platform. Each module contains a video/written lecture, further watching lessons to reinforce the new habit, further reading on the topic & 5-7 action steps. The action steps are designed to introduce the new habit in a few different ways to fit in with your lifestyle. Advisable to try all and select which ones work best for you. Some will resonate with you more than others. You are creating YOUR mindset toolbox. I am giving you the tools and it is up to you to integrate into your life to facilitate change.

Will the work feel uncomfortable? Yes. There is no getting around that in order to grow & overcome our emotional challenges we need to step outside our comfort zone. We are recoding & reprogramming your magnificant computer so some viruses will need to be removed which may cause discomfort & emotion. This is a good thing! And is simply our primitive instincts trying to protect us. 

Do I have to lift weights & be a bodybuilder like you? NO! All success (& misery!) starts & ends in the mind. This is the emotional & mental side of my recovery only that is the very basis for achieving the body!

How long do I have access to the content in the online teaching platform? For LIFE! It is yours to access & revisit whenever you need a BOOST or refresher πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Are you ready to stop the struggle and start LIVING your ONE life?

Don’t let another year go by where you are STILL feeling tired, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, anxious, stressed, not good enough!

Life is for LIVING! And I would LOVE to show you how!πŸ’–πŸ˜˜

Don’t let another year go by where you are STILL feeling tired, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, anxious, stressed, not good enough! 

Life is for LIVING! And I would LOVE to show you how!πŸ’–πŸ˜˜

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