Leading Transformation & Empowerment Coach, Jane Curnow, presents..

The Body Beautiful Academy

Reclaim your health, body confidence & FREEDOM in 8 weeks!

Online Fitness Program & Secret Body Beautiful Formula with Jane Curnow

Scroll down πŸ‘‡ for more info!

The Body Beautiful Academy

Reclaim your health, body confidence & FREEDOM in 8 weeks!

Online Fitness Program & Secret Body Beautiful Formula with Jane Curnow

Scroll down πŸ‘‡ for more info!

Get OFF the diet merry go round gorgeous woman!!

Starting a new diet every week isn't going to end your fear of the mirror gorgeous. I used to hop out of the shower & race to grab my towel asap too! The last thing I wanted to see was a bloated fat belly taunting me in the mirror!

Sucking it in constantly sucks! There is an EASY way to bring simple pleasures back into your life so you can STOP:

  • dreading the pool or beach
  • insisting on the lights off during sex (or avoiding sex altogether..)
  • feeling embarrassed every time you go clothes shopping
  • avoiding being in photos with your children
  • ditching more clothes to the "skinny" pile

Maybe it is a bit more than than body shape for you too? The fight against aging adds another layer of stress. Each new wrinkle is a reminder of the years passing and the pressure to be eternally slim & youthful increases while the ease to maintain decreases!

My Secret Body Beautiful Formula

Is a proven system to improve your health & fitness, lose weight, feel delicious in your skin, resolve nagging health issues & lose the bloated belly so you can look & FEEL good in whatever you are wearing. Or not wearing! 

In this 8 week online group program I will support you to reconnect with the premium health that is your birthright, release the unwanted pounds & sparkle like the radiant goddess you ARE! πŸ’Ž

Gorgeous I want you to HEAL the relationship with your body as I have, ooze vitality & energy, take back control of your health & DITCH the war on food!

You ABSOLUTELY can when you claim your worth & reignite your goddess feminine power in only 8 weeks with me!


The BODY CHANGING benefits you can expect:

  • Having a healthy relationship with your body. Where you feel energetic, healthy, vibrant & vital!
  • Sleep like a baby, wake up refreshed & LOVE the naked reflection in the bathroom mirror!
  • Feel empowered & confident around food. Trust yourself, in control of your emotions & eliminate those cravings!
  • Detox your body on a daily basis to beat the bloat & have your digestion firing to speed up your metabolism. 
  • Find time to exercise when you think you don't have any & tap into your primitive instincts to put your body in fat loss mode!
  • GLOWING, youthful skin & reverse age NATURALLY!
  • Reach a place of trust & certainty that you are in control of your health & weight, what you need to do and how to do it!

Here's whats included!

2 x 4 week Online Fitness Programs

Beginner to intermediate. With or without a gym membership. Easy to use phone app

Private Facebook Group

For daily support, motivation & accountability

Weekly Facebook Live Q&A

With me to facilitate incredible breakthroughs & support

Nourish your Body Beautiful Online Program

8 core modules + 2 bonus modules with video training, PDF cheat sheets & easy action steps

Weekly Facebook Live Mindset Mentoring

With me to achieve the mindset shift for permanent results

Ongoing membership available

Option to extend membership for ongoing fitness programs & group support on graduation

Imagine for a moment:

  • Feeling happy & proud when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror!
  • Lying on the beach with nothing but thoughts of relaxation & peace of mind
  • Really enjoying clothes shopping & fitting into your fave clothes
  • Having the confidence to be intimate with your partner with the lights on!
  • Being FREE of counting calories, macros or weighing food or yourself!
  • Enjoying social occasions in a light-hearted free way, wearing a tight dress that shows off your curves & not feeling anxious around food!

But dont take my word for it!

Thank you so much Jane! Thank you for teaching me there's so much more to health than weight loss. Occasionally I still get sucked into all the Facebook ads I'm bombarded with saying to count calories and buy diet shakes etc etc... And I remind myself "no I don't need things like that anymore". I know a healthier and more sustainable way to lose weight now, and I know it's not all about weight, it's about HEALTH. You've probably saved me twice as much as what the program is worth now that I don't buy all the diet crap I see online πŸ˜‚!

- Amber Phillips  

I have an increase in energy, I am sleeping better at night & I have started losing weight! My constant pain has gone! My personal relationships have improved! I think clearer & feel motivated & inspired every day! Jane has helped me see my own self-worth separate from my body. I finally feel FREE from all the hateful thoughts, have learned to appreciate my body & I can feel it responding with health & vitality!

- Navallen Pomfret  

Since working with Jane my life has improved. Jane has given me a better understanding of food. This has improved my health, sleep and of course dropping a couple of dress sizes! I was pushing close to a size 20 and now I'm back in some of my size 16 clothes! I cant thank Jane enough!

- Cynthia Bradley

Jane has changed not only my life but that of my family. My family are eating better as I can now make better, more informed choices. I am so much calmer with the kids, with my husband and better at my job. I have shed those few extra kilos but I realise that that wasn’t really my issue... I can see the light now; I can see more positives in my life. It’s honestly just like a heavy cloud lifted and I can now see the amazing view 

- Antonia Manca

Are you ready to take back control of your body?

Options available for beginner to intermediate fitness levels

Home body weight, home limited equipment & basic gym workouts

Please follow the link below to book a chat with me to determine the right option for you!

But The Body Beautiful Academy is not for Everyone!

This programme IS for you if you:

πŸ’š Know there is a better way to think and feel about your body but don’t know how or are struggling with the motivation to do it

πŸ’š Want to understand how to achieve sustainable, long term health & weight loss

πŸ’š Want to enjoy getting fit and healthy without spending hours in the gym or dieting

πŸ’š Want to feel comfortable in your skin

πŸ’š Want to be a role model to those around you

πŸ’š Know you deserve to feel empowered & confident about your body, yourself & and your life

πŸ’š Are ready to invest the time, effort and money in you and your transformation

πŸ’š Are ready to be uncomfortable, take action & try new ways to be healthy

This programme is NOT for you if you:

❌ Are only chasing weight loss through an eating plan and/or training program.

❌ Looking for a quick fix where no effort is required on your part

❌ Not ready to be uncomfortable and step outside your comfort zone

❌ Resistant to and find excuses about trying different ways to heal your body & change the course of your life

❌ Not prepared to embrace change & take responsibility for where you are and prefer to blame others

❌ Looking for 1:1 individualized programming (please contact me directly)

Are you ready to stop the diet struggle and start LIVING in your dream body?!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I lose weight?

The Body Beautiful Academy is not a traditional diet program with strict meal plans, calorie or macro counting & weigh ins. While all my clients absolutely lose weight without exception they all realize that it is not actually the weight loss that causes the transformation which is my own journey. But yes, you will lose weight if you follow every one of my recommendations :-)

  • Will there be a meal plan?

Absolutely not! I am not an advocate of diets which means NO meal or food plans. Diets do not work. The diet industry is worth billions for a reason. In fact I will not ask you to stop eating ANYTHING you are currently. I will educate you on good nutrition, a balanced fitness protocol, what a healthy approach to food looks like, give you examples & you can ask me questions. The aim is to add in healthy food gradually & permanently. This is about sustainable, long term health & weight loss NOT about overhauling your entire approach to food overnight.

  • How much time do I need per week?

The training programs have 3 official workouts per week totaling 30 mins plus 2 x 30 min walking sessions which can be part of your normal daily routine (I will teach you how to add in additional exercise into your day) The online teaching modules will take no more than 30 mins a week to work through sometimes less. There is also a group call of roughly 60 mins duration weekly which would be ideal if you attended live but not necessary as the recording will be in the group. You will be able to submit questions prior to the call if you can't make it live.  As always you will get as much out of this program as the time you put into it.

  • Will I be expected to report in to the group?

Ideally yes. Group energy, support & accountability is a motivating factor. Share your experience, your aha moments, your challenges, support your sisters & make new friends will ensure you get the most out of your time in this program.  

  • What is the difference between the 3 workout options?

The programs offered in The BB Academy are for those at the beginner to intermediate stage of fitness ie. haven't exercised for a while, only done group exercise classes, are new to strength training, want a structured workout to do at home or are keen to step into the weights room for the first time. Home workouts with no equipment are for the busy Mum or those who do not like the gym environment, home workouts with limited equipment are similar but incorporate dumb bells, kettle bells or bands & the basic gym workout is an intro to lifting in the gym. We can decide together which is the right option for you.

  • Do l have to lift heavy weights & be a bodybuilder like you?

NO! You do not need to be as serious as me to obtain the life changing results I have. And while clearly I HIGHLY recommend heavy lifting for health & longevity we all need to start somewhere and The BB Academy is about creating a unique platform to take YOUR health & fitness to YOUR next level. Once you graduate we can discuss further what that looks like for you.

If you feel you are ready now for a more advanced, individualized program please send me a direct message.

  • How long do I get access to the content?

You will have lifetime access to the online teaching platform Nourish your Body Beautiful. You will have access to the Facebook group & online training portal for the time you are in The BB Academy only.

So Why Me?

If you’re like most women, you have struggled with your weight & body image for as long as you can remember. Maybe you have a secret eating disorder you are not proud of as I did. Or you have just spent way too long on the diet merry go round. It seems to be normal for women to talk about diets, weight loss & chasing a body that let’s face it, is unrealistic for most of us.

I soooo get it. I spent 25 years OBSESSED with skinny. All I wanted was to look like a catwalk model. I was borderline anorexic in my 20s which turned into the binge/starve eating disorder in my 30s & 40s. I spent hours & hours punishing myself in the gym for the binges on food and alcohol. And although I was not overweight, I was flabby, malnourished, gaunt, sickly & had a constant bloated belly with numerous health issues. It didn't matter how skinny I became it was never enough. All I saw in the mirror was ugly, old & fat.

The biggest lesson I have learnt is that all my self-abuse, punishment, deprivation, starvation, guilt & shame was exactly what was ensuring my dream body alluded me. Changing my mindset & approach to loving & nourishing my body was the missing secret!

Let’s be honest. If you were meant to do it on your own, you would have done it by now. And as we age it seems to elude us even more. It’s time to invest in yourself to give you and your body the power you need to truly THRIVE for the rest of your life! To get OFF the diet merry go round as I have.

This is an invitation to skip the thousands of dollars wasted on all the diet plans, quick fix gimmicks and learn from a woman who knows the path. Why not open yourself to some serious femme power, love and guidance to find your inner goddess and heal your body while skipping the unnecessary struggle.

Here’s how I’m different from other coaches

  • I have 20+ years LIVED experience of suffering what you are in some form.
  • Applied all that I teach to my own body & life and I think it shows??!!
  • Healed myself naturally from eating disorders, clinical depression, anxiety, addictions largely due to the change in diet & lifestyle around food.
  • Healed myself naturally from an endless list of both minor & major physical health complaints. From regular UTIs to osteoarthritis to painful periods to adrenal fatigue to IBS to getting sick way too often! I also enjoyed a symptom free menopause! All achieved through using food to heal.
  • I walk my talk and take it a few strides further!
  • I have a proven method of 5+ years of permanently transforming women's body, mindset, lifestyle & life!
  • And lets face it... Do I look my age??!!

Are you going to waste ANOTHER year STILL battling with your body & number on the scales while ALLOWING your ONE precious life to pass you by?

There is a better way! And I will show you how!πŸ’–πŸ˜˜