Leading Body Beautiful Expert & Reverse Aging Authority, Jane Curnow, presents..

Weight Loss Secrets of a 52 year young Fitness Model!

10 Tips to Lose Weight WITHOUT Exercising or Changing your Diet!! 😲 

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How hard is it to change a lifetime of food habits??!!

Is your life a constant daily battle with food & the number on the scales? Do you feel overwhelmed & confused at all the mixed messages of what is healthy or not? And there is never enough time to eat healthy & exercise anyway!  

You feel frustrated, unhealthy, sluggish, unmotivated, tired, fat!  

I will start the diet on Monday! Seems to be a recurring theme of procrastination & inability to stick to anything that looks remotely like a healthy life. You are not even sure what a healthy life looks like!

Most people try and overhaul their ENTIRE life, diet, routine to mirror mine from the get go

This is setting yourself up for failure!

It took me 4 YEARS to develop my current health routine & habits!  

The trick is SMALL, incremental changes. Conquer & integrate one change & then move on to the next.  

We are creatures of habit, we all have VERY busy lives! We have developed our unhealthy approach over 10,20,30 or more years. What makes us think we can change a lifetime of bad habits overnight...? 

What if there was a way...

To increase energy, lose weight & be healthier without exercising & changing the food you eat? 😲

My lifestyle is extreme.. I admit it! But if you did even half of what I do you WILL see results.  

Absolutely diet & exercise are the major components to my success but there are also numerous little health hacks that are part of my daily routine that are mighty in their impact! They compliment my training & diet and ensure:

  • I have endless energy 
  • Detox my body on a daily basis 
  • Reduced cravings 
  • Balance emotions 
  • Improve digestion
  • Increase immunity

You dont think I achieve my bikini bod & premium health JUST by lifting weights & eating well do you...?


Hello Gorgeous!

My name is Jane Curnow and I am an empowerment coach, mentor & inspirational leader to women. I am also an author & fitness model at 53 years young. My mission for this lifetime is to support, motivate & inspire as many women as possible!  

I recovered naturally from clinical depression, anxiety, addictions, substance abuse & eating disorders. Over the course of my recovery I also managed to obtain & KEEP the body of my dreams! And I LOVE sharing how I have achieved what most consider impossible at 53 years young!

SO.. to kick start your health & weight loss journey..

This mini eCourse will ask you to introduce ONE of my not so secret health habits a week. You will have a full 7 days to integrate into your life.

And I PROMISE they wont take up much time, money or require ANY changes to diet and NO exercise!

Here is what is included!

10 Modules

All with HOW to implement, benefits, tips to make the habit stick & changes to watch out for. Plus 2 bonus modules!

Weekly Email

A motivational email from me every week when each module opens with extra information & tips.

Super Low Cost

To make it easily accessible for all! Being healthy shouldn't be expensive!

What Students Say...

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Ready to Get Started!

$57.00 AUD

Valued at $250!

WHO is this course for?

This course IS for you if you:

💚 want to ease into the healthy life without major changes 💚 are confused or overwhelmed with the whole "diet" concept 💚 are too tired to exercise & always lacking energy 💚 already counting calories & exercising but the weight isnt shifting or you still feel unhealthy 💚 have no idea where or how to start being healthy

This course is NOT for you if:

are resistant to trying something new ❌ after a meal or exercise plan ❌ looking for a quick fix without any effort ❌ are not willing to make PERMANENT changes. ❌ are not prepared to value your health & appreciate this is a life long marathon not a sprint

No more I will start on Monday!

Lets get you started on your PERMANENT weight loss & health journey TODAY!

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